Saturday, September 18, 2010

soft striations


on a warm summer's day
running your hands
over rock surfaces
such as these

feel the cool
of the shadowy

the splash
of waves
small cold
exclamation marks of themselves
against your own
warm skin


Linda Sue said...

Oh YES! LOVE lying on warm stones. Have you ever had a warm stone massage? HEAVENLY. Your photos are curious, very liquid.
"Corpse" game- I did not know what the game was called but we played both versions ever since I can remember. Thanks for giving it a name...

Bonnie said...

Love your ability to find beauty all around your steven. Great photography!

TechnoBabe said...

The last photo looks so inviting for bare toes to traipse through.

steven said...

linda sue - i love the feel of warm stones but i've never had a warm stone massage - come to think of it - massage. nope it's been a very long while! "exquisite corpse" linda sue - seriously check it out. steven

steven said...

bonnie i love that there's so much beauty around!!! steven

steven said...

technobabe - when i see this photo and the one above it i get to thinking of sharks. steven

hope said...

It's funny but I swear the 2nd shot looks as if it's trying to spell out a word in some long, lost language.

I'll interpret it to mean, "Sit and stay a while." :)

Claudia said...

i love this - both - words and pictures - it's just a perfect fit
my fav lines are
small cold
exclamation marks of themselves
against your own
warm skin"

this sounds like heaven!

steven said...

hope - what an intriguing perspective!!! steven

steven said...

hi claudia - when i took these photographs it was a beautiful warm day and as i crouched over the striations in the rocks i was getting sprayed every so often by little dots of cold water. it actually made me laugh out loud because in its own subtle way it was like the classic summer prank you play on someone who is exposed in the sun. i wasn't sure who or what was playing the prank! steven