Saturday, September 25, 2010

nothing. and then everything

i sat at the picnic table
with the door
right there
within metres

and the stars
above my head
frozen in place

yet dancing
(i could feel the movement)

and all around me
sat eating
at their own picnic tables

set on the grass

and all the while
with my back to the door
i was wondering
what's behind that door?

and i
(as has often been my experience)
came up with several

because i saw the entirety
of the experience
as so much like
the trajectory of my existence

sitting on a stage

and i decided
that really
were i to open that door
there'd be nothing

nothing at all

not a hallway
or a landscape beyond compare

not a mirror
revealing me to my self

not a wish fulfilled

not a wormhole
to the next stage of my soul's existence

there'd be nothing.

and then


Elisabeth said...

Nothing and then everything.

I see this wall as a trompe l'oeil, a mirage, a sleight of hand, an illusion.

Nothing and then everything. Wonderful photgraphs here, Steven. Thanks.

steven said...

elisabeth - the wall as trompe l'oiel is what i was hoping to share. substitute the surface of life for the wall and you'll be inside the second layer of what i am sharing here!! have a peaceful day. steven

Reya Mellicker said...

I hope it's like that at the end of everything.

Dan Gurney said...

The better we get to know life the more wondrous and mysterious it becomes; the better we get to know death the more wondrous and mysterious it becomes.

Linda Sue said...

Been busy- just now catching up with your blog- Totally smitten with your photos- the ground webs are astonishing! So, yeah, having been gone from blogland for a few days I feel that ...nothing...and everything...well suits me. Catching up is delicious! Thanks for the beauty and the vibrant leaf!

steven said...

reya - i bet it is!! steven

steven said...

dan - that wouldn't have been something i could connect to as well as i do now. age, the flying away of people close to me, and perhaps a letting go of the unnecessary have helped me arrive at this place. thanks for dropping by! steven

steven said...

hey linda sue, busy is good usually. nothing and everything - well i can see them being one and the same thing! steven

Jinksy said...

Lovely bit of convoluted thinking to match the image.