Thursday, September 23, 2010


early morning
autumn rain
gathers on the webs
of countless
little spiders

a silk sky
filled with
water stars

and jewelled clouds

a deep field view
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Elisabeth said...

Your jewelled webs remind me of tadpoles or amoeba enlarged, Steven - tiny little blobs of translucent beauty. Thanks.

Pauline said...

"a silk sky filled with water stars" is so beautifully poetic!

ellen abbott said...

These are beautiful steven. The deep field.

Bonnie said...

heavenly jewels ... seen but by a few ... thankfully one of them is you ... and you share them so generously

Liza said...

"a deep field view"
OMG Steven, you have captured those words so perfectly.

Meri said...

the world is filled with
diamonds, sparkling vibrantly
spiders in repose

Golden West said...

So much beauty, all around us, and captured by you, so artfully!