Monday, September 6, 2010

after romance

the otherness

a space evolves
defined by
a refined form of care
that hovers
over the great spaces
of lives
the otherness
of each other


Elisabeth said...

I can see clouds from my hospital window, Steven, not as lovely as these here. Here in this place of alleged care your words,' a refined form of care' jump out at me.

I've yet to see the surgeon who will decide my fate, whether I need surgery or whether I can go home in plaster and with crutches. Two days after the event. He has rooms here and yet he hasn't come to tell me what goes. This is one of the aspects of the medical establishment, I despise. The tendency to keep people waiting.

As my husband says if he kept people waiting as long, he'd be without a job.

Sorry to gripe on but I feel imprisoned and beholden to the whims of others. Not a comfortable position.

Thanks Steven.

Jinksy said...

I think this highlights the wisdom of tolerance...

Rachel Fenton said...

A pair can still wander lonely as a cloud.

Reya Mellicker said...

Wow. Despite it all, yes!

ellen abbott said...

If only we could expand that to encompass the whole world.

Eryl said...

Sounds like that romance lives on, to me. Spectacular cloud.

TechnoBabe said...

Despite the otherness is a great way to say it. Indeed. Compatibility does not mean joined at the hip and still it means more than friendship. Cool.

Linda Sue said...

I has taken me years to realize this sort of travel , beside, separate, caring more deeply- a sort of sixth sense when it comes to the "other". This poem is so peaceful and your clouds so dreamy- I am very comfortable here...thank you, yet again!

Golden West said...

You've had some spectacular skies lately, Steven!

willow said...

Wow! That header is spectacular in the larger size!!

The Dutchess said...

Beautiful..Great Blog..

steven said...

hello dutchess and thankyou for visiting!!! wow have i ever risen above my station - a dutchess!!! steven

steven said...

willow - a labour day weekend mess around with the blog time!! steven

steven said...

golden west - the skies have been really cool - the air too! steven

steven said...

awww linda sue - well yeah. it's all about time and then also something of how we're made. accepting, persevering, tolerating, celebrating . . . lots of ings!!! steven

steven said...

technobabe - joined at the hip - i tried it once and it didn't work. boring to see myself in someone else and her in me. nope . . .difference. that's the really exciting stuff. steven