Friday, September 24, 2010

late september

it's colder at night now
upstairs i can hear my son coughing

his september cold

everything returns
to itself
and waits

light glows
and then passes through

the softer colours


ellen abbott said...

No cold here yet. No chill in the air. But...I could feel the coming fall in the air yesterday even if it was still hot.

Bee said...

I love the golden glow of September light. Today, though, the sky is solid gray . . . and the relentless rain is helping the decaying process. (Everything returns to itself . . . lovely.)

Titus said...

Autumn showing its colours, steven, and those last three lines are beautiful.

steven said...

ellen - today the temperature was 28C - more summer than autumn but the evenings are down in the single digits. tomorrow i'm riding a 110 km round trip for baked goods with a bunch of bike buddies. it'll be cool and at some point rainy. the fall colours should be gorgeous. steven

steven said...

bee i'm there with you. the quality of light in autumn is special. low, still warm but thin. steven

steven said...

titus - thankyou. i'll post photographs as they become available. this looks to be a fast leaf falling autumn! steven