Friday, June 4, 2010

the wind of existence

gustave caillebotte boats moored on the seine

the wind
of existence
without end

passing through all points
of the experiential compass
and finding no end

so resting


contemplating the flow
of life's river

is something
of a necessary luxury

an act of kindness
simply so


Elisabeth said...

What would we do if there were no wind, or at least a breeze, Steven? I can't imagine.

Butternut Squash said...

Hi Steven,

I love these words of wisdom. I will take a rest in the woods this weekend to contemplate.

Valerianna said...

simple & clear - nice

willow said...

I love the wind in my hair.

Barry said...

Very beautiful, Steven. I`m in need of a little more contemplation. Maybe talk Linda into a drive down to the Lake today.

Suz said...

and words to contemplate

ellen abbott said...

lovely steven.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Lovely words and picture steven.

Annie said...

Hi Steven,
I've been enjoying your poems and your choice of images. They give me a sense of peace, and make me think. I love this one. To me, it celebrates the gift we give ourselves when we take the time to observe and absorb. As writers, poets, musicians, or artists, we return the gift we've given ourselves, by giving it to others.

steven said...

hello annie, that's a really intriguing insight and i'm very grateful for it. it feels like what i am compelled to do through this blog! have a peaceful day. steven