Friday, June 11, 2010

after the rain

it's been some time

some time

since rain fell

in this
the most hopeful of seasons

well, it carries the weight of hope
in its soft silvery fingers

gustave caillebot the yerres, rain

the monotone of the rain is beautiful,
and the sudden rise and slow relapse
of the long multitudinous rain.
the sun on the hills is beautiful,
or a captured sunset sea-flung,
bannered with fire and gold.
a face i know is beautiful
with fire and gold of sky and sea,
and the peace of long warm rain.

carl sandburg


Von said...

What a treat!! Love the header too.

Bonnie said...


We have had SO much rain here that our spring flowers have been pummelled into submission. But, on the upside, our grass is lush and vibrant.

Elisabeth said...

On both sides of the world, Steven, this is the season for rain. The in between times. It has become very cold here in Melbourne in recent days and I find I love it very much. It beats drought any time. Once I'd have complained about rain but not anymore.

Thanks Steven.

Butternut Squash said...

This post is beautiful, and the painting mesmerizing.

willow said...

I adore this painting by Caillebot and posted it on my blog some time back. It's almost like a photo. Lovely paired with the Sandburg. Thanks for the wonderful start to my weekend, Steven.

ellen abbott said...

I know when we are having extended dry periods how wonderful the rain is when it finally comes.

Jenny Stevning said...

So beautiful! Just what I needed. Thank you.

Noelle said...

The weight of hope in its soft silvery fingers. These are beautiful lines first because of the use of alliteration "soft silvery" and secondly because of the oxymoronic quality of the phrase "weight of hope.". It is something we all understand. Rain causes a stillness and reminds us of all we dream about and all that may already be lost to us.
"I know that hope is the hardest love we carry"
-Jane Hirschfield
Peace and Light,

steven said...

hey von i'm glad you share my joy! steven

steven said...

bonnie we haven't had quite as much rain as you seem to have had but when it has rained it has been really good. i love rainfall. steven

steven said...

hi elisabeth - it slipped my mind that it's winter time in australia - well almost! i've never experienced drought - not of the kind that plague regions of the world like parts of australia. i love the rain as much as any other kind of weather - except perhaps freezing rain. have a peaceful evening. steven

steven said...

butternut - i am right there alongside you in your appreciation. it's a beautiful piece of art -imagine - the skill and the insight combined in one place!!! steven

steven said...

willow - how did i miss that? perhaps i didn't and it registered in my subconscious only to resurface here . . . . thanks for visiting and have a lovely evening at the manor. steven

steven said...

ellen - exactly - i know it's been dry for a while because peopel who could care less suddenly start commenting about how "we need rain". steven

steven said...

jenny i'm glad for you. thanks for visiting!! steven

steven said...

noelle thanks for your thoughtful comment. the sound of falling rain makes me wriggle and sometimes even luahg out loud. thankyou for the link - it's a treasure trove of incredible writing and beautiful images. have a lovely evening. steven

Barry said...

It does indeed Stephen. Perfectly said.

And we are expecting more rain tonight.

alaine@éclectique said...

Love your new header, Steven; wonderful. We're getting some much-welcomed rain at present. I went for a very muddy, cow-pad skipping walk with the dog this morning; the aroma of the bush was a treat.

I love Caillebot; looks like some trout rising there too!

Friko said...

A gorgeous post, both examples of the artist's eye and soul.