Sunday, June 13, 2010

unveil! arise!

i can feel

in those moments of doubt
where experience
seems to be of little relevance
in fact
where i wish
i had no experience to draw on

i can feel lost


desolate and lone
all night long on the lake
where fog trails and mist creeps,
the whistle of a boat
calls and cries unendingly,
like some lost child
in tears and trouble
hunting the harbor's breast
and the harbor's eyes.

henry moore queen of the night unveil! arise!


Dan Gurney said...

I don't know... isn't it possible to become okay with being lost, or at least not found?

Perhaps we can make peace with the idea that we're always going to feel kind of lost, fumbling along and doing the best we can as we grope in the darkness along our way towards kindness and wisdom.

We can relax in our imperfect foibled humanness and try to be as kind and as wise as we can in this particular moment.

Noelle said...

Hi Steven,
All of us have these moment of doubt and fear in our aloneness, when the events of life weigh heavy. You have chosen a beautiful painting and verse to express those feelings. I offer you this link to a poem by David Whyte. He is one of my gurus, an amazing poet and philosopher.

Elisabeth said...

Feeling lost is one of those sensations that can seem devastating at the time but later can prove invaluable towards new growth and understanding.

A beautiful post as ever, Steven.

Kay said...

Hi Steven...I totally understand this feeling....all too often at the moment....i dwell on the word hope a lot!!! xx

Bonnie said...

You are not lost. You are always and ever home.

ellen abbott said...

just follow the compass of your heart.

steven said...

dan - fumbling along that'd be me!! revelations and insights come and go and refine whatever i am becoming and then it's on to the next place. i'm lost inside report cards right now. you know what that's like don't you!!! another few days, a track team taken to the meet, a three pitch team taken to the tournament, a graduating class graduated, oh and a couple of weeks of teaching, being a dad, a husband, and all the other stuff. there you have it!!! it's all good!!! steven

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

A universal feeling so well expressed.

Delwyn said...

those who wander are not lost...

happy day

Linda Sue said...

Feeling lost and being lost might be different in that being lost is an adventure and feeling lost is not so much...Having experience to draw from may be predicts outcome-or may lessen the experience, the unexpected surprise...don't know but I can say that FEELING lost is not one that I want to have- being lost is fun and I am that most of the time!

ALeks said...

Oh I can relate to fumbling along definitely and I do not even have a wife, children,school,classes,biking projects and busy social community engagements,and I do ask my self when I read this, how on Earth it could be possible that you would not feel lost sometimes??
I went today way back on your blog,it is such a joyful trip and there is so much clever and filed with humor stuff that you share,I could not believe there were almost no comments on those posts!
This one,is as always faithful to your beautiful soul,comrade to many in need of beauty! Thank you and take care of yourself and each other! Greetings from Holland and from me!

Reya Mellicker said...

Feeling lost is so much a part of life in this form. Lost, then found, then lost again. It's a rhythm, like breathing.

Hope you are soon feeling found. xx & love,

Linda Sue said...

We FOUND you! YAY!

Golden West said...

The artist captured the ripples on the water so well, the light in the clouds and their reflection - lovely!