Monday, June 28, 2010

their little faces

their little faces
pressed against
the glass of their knowing

a window onto a world
made of worlds
and what extraordinary
unlikely worlds

each an imagined place
and more illusory
than the last

each little face
a window


see through
to the real world


jinksy said...

I'd swear the three buds in that last photo are named Body, Mind and Spirit! :)

oldpoetsoul said...

"their little faces
pressed against
the glass of their knowing"

Such an apt description for each one of us, I think.

"each an imagined place
and more illusory
than the last"

We truly see what we expect to see--no more, no less.

The lower right flower in the top picture seems pensive, doesn't it? Daydreaming . . .

steven said...

jinksy!!! steven

steven said...

hello oldpoetsoul, like you no doubt, i'm often surprised by what i see but for the most part i recognize now that i have seen what i have wanted to see. have a lovely day. steven

Bonnie said...

Sweet steven ... and so true.

Reya Mellicker said...

This reminds me of the way Ellen walks through her garden at sunset, "tucking" everything in for the night.

I, too, prefer a living world with whom I can interact. As always, thanks and much love to you.

ellen abbott said...

Beautiful photos of fleabane. I especially like the last one.

Bachelor said...

Great in-depth thoughts!
:)The Bach

Dan Gurney said...

each flower a miracle, each bud a promise.

Butternut Squash said...

There is so much eager curiosity in a face pressed against the glass.
What you share is full of optimism and it is lovely to behold.


Pauline said...

you listen with your eyes and heart as well as your ears - your insights are as beautiful as those flowers!

Golden West said...

Wonderful flowers!

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Great flowers. A window into the inner being... the soul, the mind. Beautiful.