Wednesday, June 30, 2010

music is painting in the air

in the mid seventies music sometimes sounded like this . . . .

it went well with the very large moment that hovered from 1974 - 1977.

i was a part of that bubble
finishing high school
in 1976
and making a first attempt
to start university
that autumn

a moment
that eventually taught me everything
i needed to know
to begin

this was one piece of the soundtrack
of that emergence

(there've been some problems this morning linking blogger to youtube
so if the video doesn't play you can go directly to its page here!)


Titus said...

Wow steven, I could listen to this all day! That guitar tone is fabulous. Thanks, beautiful mid-morning interlude.

Annie said...

Thanks! It was great to listen, while I was catching up on your poems and posts!

TechnoBabe said...

Hi Steven, nice video. Have you heard my hubby's music?

steven said...

titus i am glad that you loved this also. i love the guitar - listening to the pieces of music from that period gives me the very best memory flashbacks and they're more than just memories really... well you know!!! steven

steven said...

annie i love that you made tis piece the background for your blog cruising!! i'd do that sort of thing myself. steven

steven said...

hey technobabe - i've heard about 34 seconds of his music. i connected it to this piece of music sonically really quickly!!! nice. steven

ALeks said...

Cool! :)