Tuesday, June 1, 2010


i've dreamed enough dreams
of my self
being carried
down a river

i've swum up them and down them
been pulled to the bottom
and come up gasping for air

i know the metaphor

but being dealt a metaphor
and becoming it
is another thing altogether


for me the richest feature
of the living metaphor
are the islands

make your way out to them

and islands
vantage points

places to stop
and consider
what has gone before

and what might be becoming


Pauline said...

Even the smallest island is a refuge... beautiful photos and words. I will look for islands now

steven said...

pauline - yes refuges, vantage points, waystations . . . . these photos are on one of my bike rides. i follow a river for half the ride and really honestly, i have to really watch it as there's the road and then there's the river and i find it hard to decide which i'd rather watch!!!! steven

Elisabeth said...

An island is a place on which to rest, as much as a vantage point, a place at which to stop. Thanks Steven.

willow said...

The trick is keeping your head above water.

Valerianna said...


Renée said...

I come from Friko's blog and found your link in her favourites. Your words and your pictures are very inspiring and spiritual. Nice to be here, dear Steven! Wow!

angryparsnip said...

Envious of this view. I would have crashed my bike right away or always stopping to get a better look.
I agree with Pauline beautiful words and photos.
cheers, parsnip

Suz said...

yes, that sounds good
unto myself
a refuge
a stopping place
for the sun
yes..I could be that
watch the road!

Okie said...

I love the sentiments here and the way this is portrayed. Awesome work.

Von said...

Ah yes..islands!Life's rafts and lifeboats.Lovely post!

steven said...

hello von and welcome!!! the metaphors around water and our passge on and through it are rich! thanks for adding a couple more here. steven

steven said...

hey okie thankyou very much! that's very generous! steven

steven said...

hey suz - cool poetry comment. thankyou so much. steven

steven said...

well parsnip i wish i could take each picture i frame in my mind's eye as i ride. really i do. you'd be amazed. really amazed. i hope to figure something out one day that will catch exactly what i see. steven

steven said...

renee- welcome from friko's place. her blog is brilliant and beautiful. i love visiting there. thankyou for your kind comment. steven

steven said...

valerianna it's amazing what there is to see in the small palces i visit. amazing!!! thankyou for visiting. steven

steven said...

willow - there are times of the year as a teacher where that is 99 % of the battle. i'm entering one of those phases as i write!!! steven

steven said...

elisabeth - i've dreamed for a very long time of a cabin on an island. a place to rest, to remember everything i hold most valued. especially a place to create. steven

ALeks said...

My whole life I dreamed of en island,to live and be an island especially to have those wonderful,long walks along the beaches if island allow it all around it! Beautiful words and visuals,thank you!