Sunday, February 12, 2012

snow narrowed

snow narrows the space
between the sky
and the ground

i very love
being contained


Elisabeth said...

In a death notice for my brother in law, one of his aunts wrote the words: 'May God bless the space between us'. I thought of this reading your words, and seeing your photos. Thanks, Steven.

ND Mitchell said...

Snow makes everything magical- your poem made me realise how much comfort is derived from snowfall!
Wish it would snow here. Have a nice day.

Valerianna said...

Love how snow does that for space... like hearing a dog way, way off - it allows me to feel the depth of the space. Snow here has been more than sparse. We have ground cover, but from only about one storm!

steven said...

elisabeth - those words opened up a whole new way of seeing separation of any kind for me . . . . thankyou so much!!! steven

steven said...

ndm!!! it softens a space. somehow makes it gentler. we've not had a lot of snow here this year . . . i imagine this is true of a lot of eastern north america but don't quote me on it!!! steven

steven said...

valerianna - me too but i remember being so sad at losing my biking that i felt loss more than the beauty of the snow. i've only missed four days of biking this winter so perhaps my treasuring of the closed space has been tempered by that!!! i do love especially the muffled sounds, the softening of footfall especially. steven

erin said...

your photos are perfect illustrations of this. god, especially the second. it fills me. it causes me to feel held.

i know what it is though to miss using your body (your bike) to get out into the world. i've been so lucky this winter to be able to run the whole winter through. it is such a peculiar season this time round. the other day i even managed to run through the park, even though it was bounding through a foot of snow all the way. i remember years ago trying to take my children to the park in winter and it being crouch deep. only a few feet in i was sweating and almost crying.


steven said...

erin, that p[icture is my fave picture taken this winter. i stood in bare feet at the front door feeling the cold work its fingers up through my soles and into my calves and then i saw this image and held it still inside the camera . . . . . steven

Jo said...

That last image is hauntingly beautiful, Steven.

It looks to me as if the shrub (tree? grass?) has snowy fingers, reaching out to gather more to its side. Smoothing out the space, perhaps.

Good Sunday to you.

steven said...

hello jo!!!! it's a bush - a big bush actually - when we get these kinds of snow - the kinds that make the twigs and branches look like mittened fingers - i love the softening and the closing of the little and big spaces that comes with it. steven

Cheryl Cato said...

Lovely snow-scape. The gray sky and stark trees appear so close together; not so much when we have brilliant blue sky.