Wednesday, February 1, 2012


in these dry thin
husks and bones

holds summer in their form

the pale crystals -
a simple promise


Pauline said...

Every season leaves a promise of the one to come. This is lovely.

Linda Sue said...

It is always a TRUE promise- better weather WILL come around! We had a small dose this afternoon- short lived but AMAZING!

steven said...

pauline yes and i was thinking of my body - cracking fifty four and feeling the next phase of its existence a lot like spring and summer is felt in the dry winter grasses. steven

steven said...

linda sue - yes! when the sun breaks thorugh or the temperature rises and i hear dripping water . . . ooooooohhhhhhh i melt right alongside it. steven

Linda said...

So much golden loveliness on a sunny winter's day.... a day closer to May.
I love the promise. Thanks, Steven.