Wednesday, February 8, 2012

approaching the day with intention

1. this song this dance this spinning around of the spirit inside -
even in my sleep
i can feel it's hands reaching out and grabbing at the cloaks of me
and i can feel those hands pulling the whirling shadow-softened robes in tight
to my lonely frame
and i'll call that "waking up
and looking around
and counting my blessings
and holding them as close as i dare"

2. "hold still" croaks the crow as i pour past his sitting place in the early morning light
which is as thin as i'm thin
and this day i feel so old i feel so coldly old
layered and coddled by the words
that tumble mumbling from my own mouth
and addressed to no one in particular
something about "always looking for something more, or other"
and i'll call that "crossing from my inner to my outer world
across a bridge of my daily making and design"


withoutwordswouldyouknow? said...

some perfect lines here that i find myself secretly jealous of! - "..shadow-softened.." and " i pour past.."


The weight of the world
Is love

Under the burden
Of solitude
Under the burden
Of dissatisfaction
The weight
The weight we carry
Is love.
Who can deny?
In dreams
It touches
The body,
In thought
A miracle,
Its imagination
Till born
In human
Looks out of the heart
Burning with purity--
for the burden of life
Is love.

~Allan Ginsberg

"They know that the Abyss is beneath them and yet they step onto the rope" ~ Kafka

Pauline said...

my good man, you have no trouble at all articulating the subtle!

steven said...

triple "w" yn . . . thanks very much and especially thanks for ginsberg's words which began this day alongside a full moon setting to the west . . . . steven

steven said...

pauline - oh i have trouble - tons and tons - saying what i want to say but sometimes i know i get closer and this was very close!!! steven

erin said...

and with this you have bound me up tight and then pulled me spinning out into the world.

i read this aloud, steven, and believed it was my own. when poetry does this, transcends ownership, to me it seems it has become something bigger, what is intended of poetry all along, to become the universal voice. i laugh. i say, this is mine.


hope said...

I sighed at "Hold still". Sometimes I feel like my brain is pulling me in a thousand directions while the rest of me would rather sit quietly for a while.

But I sat still to enjoy your words. Mission accomplished. :)

The Weaver of Grass said...

I try to greet every day with intention Steven, but sometimes I am weak and it all goes by the board by lunchtime.

ND Mitchell said...

Thought-provoking words. I enjoyed thinking them through.

steven said...

erin - these were the first words in a while that entirely poured and tumbled out of me and i knew them but also recognized my non-ownership of them because i was so not in their way as they arrived. steven

steven said...

hope .. . it's the greatest challenge in a beginning day . . .to hold still long enough to set the day up properly . . . and with care . . . . the crows have a lot figured out . . . . . steven

steven said...

ahhhh weaver then you're entirely human . . . for trying and recognizing that it's not always possible (or necessary) to be perfect!!!! steven

steven said...

nd m . . . . thanks for running these through your thought mill!!! steven