Wednesday, February 29, 2012

on this the day

on this the night before a day
borne out of necessity

a correction

i stayed at the window until midnight
feeling all the day's stories
lifting away and upwards
past sheets of moonlight
absorbed into the passing clouds
all filled with wishes
past and passing
as hopeful as God


Elisabeth said...

All those stories disappear as a single icicle melts against the sky. Beautiful, Steven.

Kay said...

all your words and these wonderful ice photos are just stunning at the moment....inspiring stuff steven.x

Ruth said...

Where it comes from, who can say. But it comes. With great gratitude. Stunning.

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...



Tess Kincaid said...

I love when they lift so effortlessly away...lovely write my friend...

erin said...

oh, this is a special photograph, steven.

how important it is to stand still and witness. how impossible it is to not feel hope.


erin said...

(and then i laugh at myself. what is hope? i have sat here and thought about it. is hope not an empty thing? what could god possibly be hopeful for? what could we? and what influence might hope ever have? i wonder.)


Jo said...

steven said...

i'm just being me and it's really hard work . . . harder than you might imagine and so these words fall out and become common property with all the wonderings and and knowings and understandings that tumble out like the placenta after the baby inseprable and yet spearate and so thankyou all for your kind and gentle words . . . steven