Sunday, October 23, 2011

we rise

painting by daniel merriam

i cradle
in my arms
an idea
that was birthed
long ago
when i lived in a small room
that i called my own

the idea
that fell into my lap and my head and my heart
is that the world
is a good place

a very good and kind place
no matter what else

and of course i grew older
and learned
the terms of a parallel world
with distractions
that exist to draw the goodness away
and replace it with easiness, suffering, unhappiness, stress -
not simplicity.

propped up,
and contained within
this other world
that exists inside
the one i love

oh, and by the way
the terms of this sad parallel world (simply put)
are that it is easier
to ignore the truth,
easier to look away
and much more desirable
to achieve or hold in your possession
that which others hold as worthy
whether it be a person
an object
an idea
or even
and maybe even most especially
that which contradicts the insight
that marks the signpost
for anyone
wishing to move beyond the surface of this world

because i want to remind you
that there is
beneath the material,
beneath the allegory, the metaphor, the simile,
beneath the parables held in place by angels,
and then beneath the lives
of the many
who have seen and see beyond everything
to nothing

this knowing
- this very simple knowing
that is the beginning
of unknowing -
that we can rise
so like the sun
so like the moon
so like the sound
of bells
above what is simple
or easy
and work
to welcome the goodness
of the real world
that holds all other worlds
like pearls
in mirrors
reflecting each other
into endlessness
and forever
and evermore


Kay said...

'like pearls in mirrors'....too beautiful, your post is a great reminder to me to look past the now into the what can be, thank you.x

Reya Mellicker said...

beneath the parables held in place by angels,

I catch a glimpse every now and then of what you're describing. I'm glad that level exists but usually I am so engaged with the drama of it all, I forget. Thanks for reminding me!

aguja said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! I cry ... and can say that I held that self same world that is a good place, in my room, as a child.

More and more I desire to follow that thought and find that there is a decreasing need for any other world that others may persue.

Thank you for this post which has such delicacy, fragility even, yet speaks out so assuredly, without violence or envy; and just is.

steven said...

kay i'm happy that one of the subtle messages of the piece is apparent! steven

steven said...

reya - drama fills my life sometimes and very occasionally it slips beneath the surface and takes on substance beyond its usual transitory nature. you know better than many how we are able to see and experience ourselves in so many ways - levels if you like. it's you who remind me of that!!! steven

steven said...

aguja! i am not surprised to read that this was in your life also at one point. my own thinking is that all this remains with us no matter what else.
i don't know violence. i have known envy and sometimes still feel something of it but i let it go like a handful of nettles - its sudden sting reminds me of it small potent authority!