Friday, October 7, 2011

this empty vessel

there's an emptiness
about this hollow vessel

it's carefully filled each morning

a clean ladle is hung over its side

a notebook
and a pencil
are left for the stories of passersby

through the day
it's tipped
this way and that
held by warm and cold hands

eyes of all colours and shapes
look into its depths

depths that feel
the breath of the passersby
the travellers

depths that darken
through the day
as the level of water
and the sun
meet at the cool


Rachel Fenton said...

Such a clean, unfussed, beautiful piece of writing, Steven. A real joy to read.

Valerianna said...

I felt a large, wooden ladle in my hand and cool water, sounds of ladling - and the word-journey took me far.

steven said...

rachel thankyou very much. the photograph was taken yesterday just after i got home from school. it was a shadow on the wall - i'd not seen it before. the words arrived shortly afterwards . . . they're about this blog. steven

steven said...

valerianna - of course you did because you are a sensitive and sensory person! you see so well! steven

Delwyn said...

the writer and the reader
with a sunset cocktail...