Friday, October 28, 2011

now the great wheel

scenes from margaret's garden (i)

now the great wheel of darkness and low clouds
whirs and whirls in the heavens with dipping rim;
against the ice-white wall of light in the west
skeleton trees bow down in a stream of air.
leaves, black leaves and smoke, are blown on the wind;
mount upward past my window; swoop again;
in a sharp silence, loudly, loudly falls
the first cold drop, striking a shriveled leaf....

words excerpted from conraid aiken's poem "now the great wheel of darkness and low clouds"

i was listening to gil evans when i assembled this piece. something in the colours of the text and the colours of the music found a common voice in the basin of rain water and leaves.


ellen abbott said...

brrrr. that's all I can think.

erin said...

the image is wonderful, the words only cause me to feel what i am already feeling.


Valerianna said...

Interesting to get the soundtrack for today's, too.
BTW I finally shared some of my own singing over at RavenWood. I made two films on iMovie... my first ever.
Really just wanted to easily share my tunes. Anyway,
I like this music for the bird bath of fall leaves, strange how well it goes!

hope said...

Ah, Mother Nature's version of "bubble, bubble, toil and trouble..." :)

steven said...

the morning's are below zero celsius now ellen and so i wear layers and bear the chill through thinking warm thoughts when the exposed areas of my face and throat feel uncomfortable. but the skies are incredible and the birds hustling south carry such emotion in my eyes. steven

steven said...

erin in my world there's no harm in affirmation. steven

steven said...

valerianna - with the arrival of the weekend when i get to choose my joys and suffering i spend more time catching up. it'll be a joy to hear your voice and so i'll find it. steven

steven said...

hope - ha!!! steven