Friday, October 21, 2011

thin line of colour (ii)

i fall
in a thin line
of colour

like leaves
down the fence
of myself
until i am

gone to earth



this piece was written with david sylvian's "gone to earth" in my mind and ears ...

and in my eyes, david's lyrics, still strong and fresh after all these years:

with a burning candle
a book of holy things
they'll throw you up against the wall
bind your hands with string
caught in this sudden shower
our host of heavenly kings
they're all victims of circumstance
of ancient bells that bring
all the fear in the world, naked and shy
down upon our heads, with no reason why
and though voices may holler
for all they're worth
the rabbits have fled their burrows
gone to earth


Elisabeth said...

Lovely image, steven to match those sensuous words. Sensuous in the sense that they evoke most of my senses, sight, smell, touch, though not taste.

steven said...

thanks elisabeth. steven

acornmoon said...

Your image of leaves and wood would make a lovely design for a book jacket don't you think?

ellen abbott said...

very nice steven.

Valerianna said...

Shocking red! Gone to earth, that phrase has been in my mind a lot lately.....

Linda said...

Disturbing thoughts here Steven and not like your usual, peaceful posts. Although, the vine looks peaceful tumbling down the fence, Sylvian's lyrics seem almost prophetic, having been written when... 15 years ago? How long will it be until North American rabbits need to flee their burrows? These lyrics do remain strong, fresh and yes, unforgettable. Powerful symbolism. Gaddafi's death is not the end of anything, is it?

steven said...

hi linda - the lyrics posted here are part of a larger cycle of lyrics that chronicle david's gradual letting go of his connection to so many of the distractions that masquerade or for some constitute the entirety of their experience. this particular piece is about his religious life. if you're interested in learning more about this then this little piece is really cool! it's not as dark as you might think!! steven

steven said...

valerianna - it's a vine that my neighbour dan planted along our fenceline. it's an amazing vine and several images of it with its bright red stems, small purple berries, and mutli-coloured leaves have or will appear here!! steven

steven said...

thanks very much ellen. steven

steven said...

valerie - i can trust your judgement on that one valerie!!!! steven

hope said...

Would you believe that lovely photo made me think of good rising to the top?

Part of me wants it to peek over the fence and tell me what's there. :)

steven said...

hope - it's about goodness emerging after time. that some things are difficult even painful and yet, they carry goodness with them, inside them, on their backs or dragging along in a great sack behind them!!! steven

JJ Roa Rodriguez said...

experiencing at the very age of 10 loosing a father who is also very young, 44; gone to earth is always in me. a fact that we know will happen but dont know when. So i live my life as happy and simple and meaningful not only for myself but for the people that I will be leaving behind. That when I am gone they only remember I did my best to be a good person that I can be.


very nice post sir. and the picture is perfect... i think i have to consider going to Peterborough again. I had my first camping there on July 2010...

Linda Sue said...

ACORNMOON has a very good idea! Steven! YES!

erin said...

i have seen these lines! i've come across them in the most surprising of places and i am stunned to stop and pay them particular attention.

it's funny though, the other day i had a conversation with a woman who was telling me stories of breast cancer and i began to tumble less willingly toward the earth. i wonder how much of my own musing is only that. i hope for otherwise, but we never really know until we know.


Cheryl Cato said...

The thin red line... gorgeous composition.