Monday, October 31, 2011

inside the emerging moment


give this space
a moment
to emerge

to pull its pressed lips

to loosen
its hold upon
the breathless containment


don't rush
this moment

let it
breathe in
let it step into this place
to find its fullness

and then
breathe out

feel the space
like my eyes

i was travelling along highway 28 just south of peterborough when i saw this tree.
i was listening to "boy 1904" by riceboy sleeps when i wrote this


Kay said...


Ruth said...

Open what is closed. It is beautiful to feel what openness allows, in, and out. Possibilities!

Elisabeth said...

That tree is stunning, a giant on the horizon. Thanks, Steven for giving us this moment.

Jo said...

Beautiful thoughts beautifully expressed. I'm so happy to be immersed in them again.

Reya Mellicker said...

Yes, let's.

Linda Sue said...

OH YES- this is what I have also been doing this past week while out with the cows , in the mountains and forest. It is so easy there... and WOW your header- again !!! I think I wee some magic curled up inside that under leaf...Oh, It's YOU! Of course!

hope said...

Your tree photos are my favorite, especially when combined with sky. :)

And as someone feeling a tad suffocated by the current work situation, thank you for giving me space to breathe.

steven said...

kay thankyou . . . it's nice to be in a good space and share it! steven

steven said...

ruth - there are times when the door opens, the window is opened and so much just floods in. steven

steven said...

elisabeth - i saw this tree on a journey south of here and the words came later through some personal fortune i guess i was lucky enough to have! steven

steven said...

hey jo - it's so cool to see you back out and about in this part of the world. steven

steven said...

ha reya - you make me laugh!! steven

steven said...

linda sue that header is so awesome. i am such a lucky person to see things like this and then to able to share them. steven

steven said...

yeah hope - take a breath!!! steven

Michelle - Peacock Gal said...

Beautiful... Last Saturday when I was at my son's ball game, a tree caught my eye- and for some reason, it brought me back to childhood memories, playing in the trees.
Thanks for the smile :)

ellen abbott said...