Thursday, October 13, 2011

dawnfast at tess's house

"the morning's not my best time but it's all the time i have my sweet".

this brief note on the back of this lovely photograph was left on my windowsill and i see from the arcing calligraphy of the writer that it's from my date for the ball at willow manor.
thank goodness, i thought i might have to travel solo!!

my date - lee - (lee miller for fans of surrealist photography) and i, became close friends after meeting at a performance piece i performed on berlin's kurfurstendamm during a similar dawn escapade a few years ago.

here's the little picture my friend man ray took of lee right afterwards.

when we are in the same place and time,
lee and i spend much of our time together in bakeries and sitting alongside rivers or small pools writing poetry and playing endless games of exquisite corpse.

if you're awake just before dawn, you'll see us arriving at the manor
on our identical english touring bicycles
(lights on of course!)

here's a picture of us last summer much of which we spent at my house.

i've spent the last little while assembling several breakfast baskets.
each has a bottle of veuve-clicquot, a fresh-baked bagette, unsalted butter, a garden tomato, a lovely little tub of caviar, some wensleydale, dark chocolate and of course smoked salmon.

samovars of hot water will be brought down to us at the appropriate juncture to help with the coffee-making - preferably as soon as our eyes open!

smoked salmon and dark chocolate. oh my goodness!!!!

please come and join us down by the little stream at the back of tess's property for some dawnfast!


Kay said...

sounds utterly divine darling!!

Ruth said...

Steven, how like you to think of your friends and offer breakfast baskets, and how delicious it would have been, had I managed to stay afloat, I mean awake. I swooned after one dance with William Powell and sat with Leo the rest of the night. I didn't notice if you had a chance to offer him your tips on brevity and levity? I must have dosed off, if so. You and Lee are simply charming, and maybe it's not too late for me to stop by for a bit of baguette and coffee, if you have some.

steven said...

kay - then we'll see you there. linda has left us her huge tent and serving people so if it gets a little rainy we're set!! i love breakfast in the rain so it should be even more special!! steven

steven said...

ahhh ruth - but of course. who could have anything left after a dance with william?!!! there' so much to say about and with leo, so of course you stayed with him. but if you wake up and can find your way down to the stream, you'll see linda's tent there and we'll save you some odds and ends..... steven

Catfish Tales said...

Enchantingly lovely - and the dawnfast was scrummy. Dawn or dusk - so glad to meet you there.

The Bug said...

Is there anything left? I fell asleep in Dr. Linthead's train. Oh wait - I think I'm in Georgia now!

Friko said...

If you'd offered me this kind of breakfast, I'd have come like greased lightning.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Will be there in the blink of an eye Steven.

erin said...

i can't help but go directly into paris after midnight, the new woody allen movie which i just saw a few days ago. oh, it was such a fun movie.

lee has an exquisite chin:)


Tess Kincaid said...

It was marvelous seeing you and Lee at the Willow Manor Ball, Steven...thanks so much for making it so much fun...samovars are among my favorite things, by the way...

steven said...

erin - i'm drawn to all of lee. piece by piece by line by line! steven