Sunday, November 7, 2010

the wind

the wind
is so like a secret
heard and not seen

sometimes i feel it
like little fingers

like a great soft hand

sometimes it's warm
as grandma's baking
sometimes cold
as the flagstones
on her kitchen floor

in the autumn
it becomes a playground
for the leaves
who dance on the wind's back
and then gather
around my house

like little islands

little islands
of such colourful abundance

of such beautiful decay

i found all these leaves by my front door, swirling and eddying up little invisible vortices.


Aleksandra said...

I love how you look at the world around,I really do! Each of your photos are wondrous,wonderful playground for my imagination,actually they are each a pure little meditation,lovely!

Aleksandra said...

Oh sorry,I havent forgot your gorgeous words but somehow I go first with the color and visuals,:O)
lovely writing too!

Lorenzo — Alchemist's Pillow said...

Beautiful imagery, Steven, both verbally and visually. The dance of invisible vortices ... I can't help but must though, that these are the reflections and writing of the non-cyclist in you. I have to assume that Steven the cyclist would have stronger language than "little fingers" and "great soft hand" to describe what is alternately our most bitterly cursed enemy and our least thanked friend out on the road and bike paths.

Ruth said...

I really like that both the warm wind and the cold wind are connected with grandma. Dynamic life, variegated, like the colors of these leaves.

Golden West said...

Beautiful, Steven. I love how the leaves will go back to the Earth to nourish the next round of growth.

steven said...

thankyou very much aleks! i feel very fortunate to be able to see, experience, and share the simple beauties that are available here. steven

steven said...

lorenzo - thankyou - for the compliment and for the insightful observations about my relationship with the wind as a cyclist! it is a sad truth that some features of nature run antithetic to the experiencing of pleasure on a bicycle. wind would be well up there!!! steven

steven said...

ruth - those memories of my grandma are very real and each carry that tickle of magic that goes with essential goodness. steven

Bonnie said...

Beautiful thoughts and images captured for a brief moment in time. Although sharing them here in your blog does prolong their life in a way. Thank you.

steven said...

golden west - the leaves here are well on their way to doing just that. yesterday snow lay on the ground and the leaves have reached that state of fading into the earth that presages much more of the white stuff! steven

Liza said...

love the colour!!!
windy secrets, I love that thought.
everyone hears something different.
a playground! YES!

Titus said...

Lovely imagery, steven, and I particularly like that end line.

Wind here tonight like a scream of banshees, however. Very wet ones, more to the point!

willow said...

Ah, leaves dancing in the autumn air. One of my favorite things.