Wednesday, November 10, 2010

mid autumn

james thomas watts a forest glade in bettws-y-coed, north wales

falling and tumbling
like sackcloth angels
their faces
no longer turned to the sky

earthbound they glide
on dry-veined wings
eyes wide
mouth’s open
autumn’s plainsong
from branch
to forest floor

i watch their return
to the inside
of the coil
the helix
that stands outside of time
the dance
without a drummer
the coil rewound
from life to rebirth

i see their pursed ochre lips
the frosted forehead
of autumn’s becoming
as i lose my self
in the eyes
of an ice-gilded pond

edward wilkins waite the end of autumn


Jinksy said...

autumn’s plainsong

Mmmm ... in a nutshell!

Titus said...

'sackcloth angels' - I'll carry those words all day now, steven.

Ruth said...

I'll remember this vision of leaves, and return to it, like the inside of the coil of the helix.

willow said...

"i see their pursed ochre lips
kissing the frosted forehead of autumn’s becoming"

Pure bliss. Wonderful images, too.

ellen abbott said...

wow, is that first picture a painting?

Golden West said...

I would love to hear Welsh words spoken someday - the spelling is so intriguing and there are some words I haven't the foggiest how they would sound!

steven said...

jinksy - nutshell. hmmmm. perhaps that's what is in it for the squirrels and chipmunks. steven

steven said...

titus - you're welcome of course! steven

steven said...

ruth - i like to wander back through the golden fish archives for a feel of the time. steven

steven said...

willow - i'm so happy to share the pure bliss with you!! steven

steven said...

ellen - they are both paintings yes. check the credits underneath each one. google the names. see more and better!!! steven

steven said...

golden west - it's a beautiful lyrical language. visit wales and hear it for yourself. steven