Tuesday, November 9, 2010

life's sky

i'm feeling
and appreciating
the gentlest
of dusk

as i pass across
the face
of my life's sky


Ruth said...

The warm and cool tones of these sky images are soothing. It's a good time of life, this gentle dusk.

steven said...

hi ruth - it's a wistful, kind, perspective filled, thought-filled, stretch of life. steven

willow said...

Ah, N. C. Wyeth skies. In the first image I see a little sail boat over on the right.

Reya Mellicker said...

Those clouds are incredible. They have personalities. They are great beings.

Though not so large as the clouds, you, too are a great being. You are!

ellen abbott said...

the edge of dusk. Nice way to put it.

steven said...

ahhh willow you're a sucker for a wyeth sky - good that your eyes are able to see the little sailboat . . . yep, there 'tis!! steven

steven said...

reya - i'm humbled! yes i am humbled! steven

steven said...

ellen - hey thanks! steven