Friday, November 5, 2010

the kind of rain

the almost
very last of the leaves
blowing down the street
are stuck in the glimmer
of a night rain
a november rain
a cold

the kind of rain
that arrives
on long thin strands of wind
and leaves
in the short white puffs
of slow pursed lip exhalations
that look like smoke

the kind of rain
that arrives on silver strings
and leaves
in gold flakes
that rise from the pavement

somewhere high above
the clouds are being stroked
by the moon's soft fingers


Bonnie said...

beautifully composed verse to accompany stunningly rich images steven

willow said...

The moon's soft fingers? Sigh. Excuse me, while I grab my Barbour.

steven said...

thankyou bonnie. the dark rainy early evenings are great at encouraging me indoors to get a book and settle in. the dark rainy early mornings - well cycling through those is something of a challenge. so i try to see the beauty where it is! steven

steven said...

willow thankyou for that!!! i wish i could bicycle with an umbrella but it's too great a challenge for me!! steven

Linda Sue said...

Every line of this poem is delicious- especially loving "arrives on silver strings and leaves in gold flakes rising from the pavement hand-in-hand." Your photos are perfect, rich and luxurious and if it were not for the lower temperature might likely sizzle.LOVE this Steven! Nearly entices me to appreciate the rain...nearly.

The Weaver of Grass said...

How do you manage to put such lovely words and exquisite pictures on your blog every day Steven.

steven said...

hello weaver, i am grateful for the generous compliment i infer from your comment. there's a long answer to this and a short answer is what this forum will allow. this is one of the places i arrive at to meditate. a daily practice that i observe three times. this is one of those times! the blog takes an image or a set of images of my experiencing and affords the visitor the possibility of entering via the text or the image the space of my own understanding. that's what it's about! steven

steven said...

linda sue - when those words arrived i was ecstatic because it was like being inside something good that felt like home. it snowed and rained today and the temperature hovered around the very cold. but the biking was really good and peaceful and the snow on the leaves was totally sweet. steven

Paul C said...

This post and your last celebrates the beautiful images of every day. Your photos and poetry morph as one. I have added you to my sidebar. All the best.

Golden West said...

You've become a master of making the ordinary extraordinary, Steven! Makes me long for rain.

steven said...

hi paul, thankyou for your kind comment and also for placing the golden fish on your sidebar. steven

steven said...

hello golden west - thankyou. i wish for this place to celebrate the simple and the ordinary as much much more than itself! steven