Sunday, November 21, 2010

line of sight

am i like you?
do you have moments of such blinding clarity
that you wonder how you've made my way through life -
with your eyes closed?

sometimes my eyes open wide and then i see
what i wish i could see

all the time.

i think that for the most part
it's like what rabindranath tagore says -

"what you are you do not see,
what you see is your shadow."

"arise the other" tissue collage karen stefano

"dectesuque" tissue collage karen stefano


Linda Sue said...

Oh YES! We never see ourselves, maybe not even our shadows. Blind as Blind can be- my cousin just brought over some photos that I had never seen of me and my brother when we were young- it was like looking at a shadow of a shadow- weird.
Some say the only time we actually see ourselves is when we are so close to not being here anymore. By the way, SHE TALKED THROUGH THE NIGHT nearly sent me to the hospital from rapture! Beautiful Steven!

Titus said...

Thanks steven, I particularly like the second piece.

steven said...

linda sue - the seeing of ourselves - again - is as unsettling as hearing the strange little voice that comes out of a speaker - your own, or seeing a video of yourself doing something mundane. there's so much more of a sense of the inside of us than the appearance. and maybe that's a good thing because i might go crazy wondering how i appear all the time. better to just motor on. steven

steven said...

titus i admire and learn lots from her collages also. steven

Reya Mellicker said...

If I'm anything like you, Steven, then I am so so lucky.

Love the blinding clarity - in small doses. Too much of that divine light is literally blinding and/or makes people go crazy.


ellen abbott said...

We think we see but we are blind or rather have blinders on. I read somewhere you see more with your peripheral vision than you do looking straight ahead. Like horses with blinders on perhaps we are protected by this lack of sight. As Reya says, it can be blinding, make you go crazy and prevent you from accomplishing what you are here to accomplish.

Dan Gurney said...

I like Tagore's insight. The least important part of self is the part we take to be us. Just a shadow.

Our non-self "selves" are much more important and influential! We ripple the world and our ripples extend outward everywhere and for a long long time.

In regard to this non-self knowing, not only is sight involved, but also other senses: mind, sound, touch, smell, taste.

steven said...

reya - i believe that you're right unless you're one of the extra ordinary few who rise above everything or better yet . . . leave it behind. in this world - but not of it. steven

Shaista said...

It is so fascinating - what we see, what we don't see, what we try to see. Tagore's beautiful quote, is painful too... if only we could really see all the time.
I just posted on my father, who cannot see visually, but is truly 'seeing' for most of the time :)

Noelle Renee said...

Inspired by your blog today. Thank you!

Jingle Poetry said...

love your wonders...
beautifully put.