Monday, November 29, 2010

acts of love

i like to visit
the little close places

especially those that are filled with
the tiny beautiful details
that to me
the most gracious representations

of love


love is the crooked thing,
there is nobody wise enough
to find out all that is in it,
for he would be thinking of love
'till the stars had run away
and the shadows eaten the moon

william butler yeats (excerpted from "brown penny")


The Weaver of Grass said...

Beautiful soothing words, steven, thank you so much for your good wishes.

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Yes, I believe "love is the crooked thing". It is elusive, difficult to recognize, and enchanting to follow. Love is a good subject.

Jo Floyd Lucas said...

Goodness, Steven, you had me thinking all day about the "most gracious representations of love." The list is endless. Thanks for the feast!

Your new banner is awe inspiring.

Suz said...

I visit you often unable to say a word after such beauty
just thought you'd like to know

steven said...

hey suz thanks for saying hi!! it's a beautiful amazing place we get to borrow for a while. steven

steven said...

hi jo! it truly is an endless list. every where you look, or listen, or taste or feel, there's something incredible. thanks for the nice comment. steven

steven said...

oh lizzy love is crooked to be sure!!! steven

steven said...

hey weaver, there's a whole raft of people pulling for you! it's great to see you out and around. steven

steven said...

oh and jo that was the view across the fields at the end of my ride home on nov. 29! lucky me. i raced to get there as the sun was saying its last goodbyes. steven