Monday, November 8, 2010

ringing the changes

leaving in the morning
the little lights
on my bicycle
"please see me" messages
through the dark dawn fog

the day
a blur of expectations
not so many hopes
fewer wishes
and even fewer dreams

i find myself
that it's not so much about
who or what i am
as it is about
what i can do

so coming home
to this softly earnest
fully present
and wholly joyful

the crisp edges
of my own presence

such that when i look skyward
and see the great feathered clouds

and fading fast
as the autumn skies
are wont

i'm reminded
by my own
to be grateful
and to accept
without condition
or concern
even the darkest tones
of the bells
that ring the changes
of my being


Lorenzo — Alchemist's Pillow said...

A quite wondrous reflection, Steven. I especially like that flowerchild that "softens /the crisp edges / of my own presence". Yes, that spiritual and nearly physical receptiveness you have to taking everything around you into you, as if you had no edges and could embrace and be held in the embrace of all the beauty you describe. Dark toned or not, I hope those bells will only ring the best of changes for you.

Elisabeth said...

Oh Steven, you are so wonderfully accepting of things that I sometimes rage against. Such beautiful sentiments here. I wish I could live up to them, as you clearly do.

Ruth said...

This is such a simple and powerful unfolding of what is true, but hidden sometimes in angst. From the earth, to the sky and its softening edges, and anticipating the coming bells of the holidays that can also make those dark tones seem darker, this is so evocative, and more so after reading Lorenzo's and Elisabeth's words.

Golden West said...

Fot some reason, your post today made me think of Barry, gone these few months, and hope that his family is well.

Reya Mellicker said...

I love all the reminders that come willingly from nature, signs that help me remember what really matters.

Too, I love straying away from that wisdom - apparently! Since I do it every day!!

As always: thanks.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Beautiful, as always steven. You write such wise and thoughtful words.

steven said...

lorenzo thankyou for the generous comment and the very kind thoughts. i'm a blessed man. truly i am. steven

steven said...

elizabeth - i'm far from perfect - and quite comfortable with that - but i have reconciled so much in my life that it makes life's possibilities, that much more possible! steven

steven said...

ruht- thankyou and thankyou for reading the comments the extraordinary people who visit here leave. steven

steven said...

golden west - barry rolls through my head when i am in the woods and i see someone with a wooly dog bounding past!! steven

steven said...

reya - i think you're as open to wisdom as anyone i knw or have known. i think yours flows through you such that its source isn't always apparent to you. it doesn't need to be does it?!! steven

steven said...

weaver thankyou so much!!!! steven