Thursday, November 11, 2010

in remembering

it is an undeniable
and sorrowful
feature of our existence
that war
and the suffering
that blooms from its presence
continues to exist
despite the efforts
of men and women
who could and can
see beyond
the characterization
of entire nations and races of people
as "good" or "bad"
"right" or "wrong"


there is no place
for war
in my life
or in the lives of anyone
who values the blessings
of this place
we so briefly inhabit

a place
to which
we should endeavour
to bring grace
and goodness
and a lasting love
that transcends
the vagaries
of our bodies and minds
likes and dislikes

a love
that embraces
and celebrates
through its very existence
the love
that connects all and everything


on this day
when we and i
honour the memories
and sacrifices
of all people
who died
for their beliefs
or for the beliefs
of someone they believed in
i also
honour the memories
of those
who worked
and are working
to undo the unnecessary sorrow
and suffering
to the human condition
as expressed through war



Kay said...

beautifully said and such a wonderful image...xx

Lorenzo — Alchemist's Pillow said...


steven said...

thankyou kay. this image is one i took in the lae spring of this year when the snows receded and we were left with the gritty aftermath. steven

steven said...

lorenzo - amen. yes. steven

Ruth said...

And to you, Steven. And thanks to you for always laying out peace, compassion, care, gratitude, grace, kindness, goodness, thoughtfulness and love at your altar here.

Bonnie said...


willow said...

Let we forget.

Reya Mellicker said...


My friend Jo says today:

‎"The more we sweat in peace the less we bleed in war." ~ Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit

In loving honor of all veterans, let us vow today to sweat a little more.

So may it be.

Dan Gurney said...

Well put, steven. To almost quote you, "I especially honor all beings who gave their lives as they worked to undo the unnecessary sorrow and suffering attendant to the human condition." Gandhi and Martin Luther King come to mind as worthy or remembrance today. Not all Veterans who've worked for freedom wore a uniform.

steven said...

ruth - it's become much easier for me to know and share those very human qualities through my work here and also as a teacher. i've been blessed with the forums to grow inside and around. steven

steven said...

bonnie - amen. yes. steven

steven said...

willow. let lest be more! steven

steven said...

reya thankyou for this fine thinking courtesy of mr. pandit. a truly honourable accompaniment. steven

steven said...

dan thankyou for underscoring the essence of my own understanding and wishes. steven

Jo Floyd Lucas said...

What a beautiful and truly fitting memorial to those lost in war, a tribute to those who have served in the past and to those who serve today.

We honor veterans most when we manage to keep them from doing what they have been trained to do.

Many blessings to you for the peaceful, loving stand you take.

steven said...

hi jo floyd, boy am i ever glad that i wrote this as it has prompted some very thoughtful and insightful comments!!! thanks for your thoughts jo! steven

Bee said...

Yes yes yes.
I've read several posts on this theme, but you are the first person who has acknowledged all of the good and noble people who work to undo/repair the damage wrought by wars.

Golden West said...

I think you would agree that no one knows the agonies of war more than the soldiers who defend us. I'm so thankful for the good rough men who are willing to sacrifice so much on our behalf.