Sunday, December 28, 2008

cool product!

hey, a new year is quickly coming up and if you didn't get a calendar under the christmas tree then you might want to read on!

i live in a house where bubble-wrap is high up the list of favourite toys to play with. you know, the stuff that they use to pack up fragile objects. well, when it comes into our house there's a mad scramble to squeeze and stamp every last little bubble until it emits that satisfying little pop!. have you ever thought about where the air that's trapped inside originated? or what else is trapped inside? hmmmmm. better not dwell on that one.

anyhow, here's a clever product that takes care of that irrational bubble-bursting habit and keeps you up-to-date at the same time!

up close . . . or far away . . . it makes for a stylish addition to any home.

they retail for thirty dollars each plus shipping, or if you buy two, they throw in the shipping for free!! if you want to know more then nip over here for a look-see.
i figure we'll be needing to set up a bubble-bursting schedule around here just so no one get's their knickers in a twist!!!


Goldenrod said...

Too funny, Steven! A really cute idea. How many did you get for your family? :)

steven said...

well, you know goldenrod it's a funny thing but i gathered most of my family around the screen for a thorough look-see. those who appeared thought that it was very cool and a clever product. one even laughed! but no one wanted me to click on the "buy now" button.
i was gobsmacked! (remember what that means?!!) so i thought about one for myself, but i knew that it would be "used" by everyone so i've decided to wait until next year.

Goldenrod said...

Well, I wasn't gobsmacked to read that none had been purchased. If one HAD been, then the owner might easily have been trampled in the mad annihilation scramble and stampede! A very wise decision, Steven ... your basic survival instinct automatically kicking in.

Still in all, a clever idea, and I'll get another giggle each time I think about it.