Thursday, December 18, 2008

karin malzan's calm

i'm liking the work of tucson fabric artist karin malzan . . . here's "calm", a 70cm x 90cm pieced fiber collage . . . her artist statement seems to wrap itself around this particular piece of work: "there is no message to my artwork. i create it purely for the sensual pleasure, found first during the act of creating, then in the contemplation. my hope is always to entice the viewer, to provide elements of relaxation, flow, relief from the hectic pace of everyday life. but also a sense of discovery as the eye wanders across the surface, following the undulating lines of the seams, stopped occasionally, then drawn back in."
karin was born the same year i was - if you want to know more . . . here's her bio. if you want to look at more of her work then you should visit her gallery. here's "searching for soul" . . .

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