Wednesday, December 17, 2008


when i was little i loved bananas - sliced up, with cream poured over them and then a sprinkling of white sugar. mmmmmmm!

but a strange thing happened.

around the time i hit twelve i suddenly stopped liking milk and i stopped liking bananas as well. it was at that exact time of my life that i started liking chocolate milk and i started liking bananas in stuff like muffins, or banana bread, or in banana splits. i don't know what happened but it lingers to this very day.

so it's not like i'm suffering or anything.

my friend janice who is yummymummy to the lovely liamboy sent this short film my way and it's so very cute . . . i found myself trying to figure out what the monkey has to do to get his reward but i'm actually dopey enough right now - okay much of the time these days - that i can't see a pattern. perhaps you can . . . give it a peep . . . . .

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