Sunday, December 14, 2008

essential snowball war equipment

it is getting close to that part of the chilly season during which the sole redeeming feature of all the white stuff outside is that it makes a perfect material for manufacturing lovely white spheres that explode on contact with (usually and hopefully) minimal damage to the target.
i’m talking about snowballs of course.
the downside to snowballs is that they are cold, wet and more fun to toss than to make. so here are a couple of solutions to that age old quandary.

first up is a lovely snowball scoop!! now to be really honest, the reason i like this is because it produces snowballs that look like those you see in the cartoons. the lumpy, bumpy things that leave your hands have so little aesthetic appeal but then is that really the point?

next up is a slingshot powered snowball blaster! the snowball blaster sculpts up to 3 snowballs at a time and then, using the internal slingshot, will fire them at your neighbours, friends, enemies or any animal dopey enough to wander across the line of fire from a safe distance of up to 20 metres. you can have this tremendous weapon for a mere $30!

finally, you need a strong set of fortifications if you’re going to take on the neighbourhood kids as i usually do. the block maker offers a strong, well-made and easy solution to building your very own castle. again, like the snowball maker, the real attraction here is the idea of a wall of blocks, all perfectly symmetrical as compared to the hastily flung together wobbly wall that i usuaully manage. get it right here!!

i wish you a wonderful white day!!

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Goldenrod said...

Oh, I laughed and laughed and laughed some more when I read this post, Steven!

How about the occasions when your snowball keeps missing its target, and then you just charge the person with snow in hand and rub their face in it or shove it down the back of their neck? Brrr!

Do you and your family ever make snow angels? How about a snow fort? Or igloo? Or cave? All fun things -- cold, but fun.