Saturday, December 6, 2008


my dad died this morning.

it was as expected as it was unexpected.

my dad was a man who was drawn to the simple pleasures of this world while also being drawn to enrich his spiritual self through his practice as a buddhist and a never ending hunger to learn and to know.

my dad over the course of his life shared much of himself with me, particularly his eccentricities and his love of knowledge.

after a tumultuous first half of my life, i made my peace with my dad and we arrived at a point of mutual care and respect that was characterized by the best hugs i have ever shared with a man. it was that which i was so looking forward to on my families' planned christmas trip in a matter of weeks. i had thought about and felt that hug so many times.

this morning my dad and i exchanged e-mails that were prescient in their content. as i read them now, i see that we were saying goodbye and thankyou.

i loved him dearly.


Goldenrod said...

Oh, Steven, I am so sorry! How very special that you and he were able to exchange e-mails on his very last day. I'm sure that you will treasure them always. My heart goes out to you, your mother, and all those who loved him as you did and will miss him dearly. Warmest thoughts, Steven!

Loren said...

Sorry for your loss, Steven, but I'm glad you share his eccentricities and his love of knowledge.

steven said...

hi goldenrod and loren, thanks for your thoughtful comments. my dad was a devout buddhist and so worked especially on preparing for his eventual next step. he went to many retreats, especially whenever anybody showed up from nepal or tibet. he practiced tai chi and yoga every day.
he was a very good photographer. read incessantly and loved good food and drink. he was also a happy man! in my own view, his work here wasn't really done - but then again perhaps it was.