Sunday, March 15, 2009

a sunday afternoon walk

i went for a walk through the park today. kids are playing in the woods. it's soggy underfoot and slippy with old autumn leaves.

the temperatures are rising up through the day above zero and down below zero each night. the snow cover is almost gone. there'll be snow, we all know that. for now though there are lawns being raked, christmas lights being taken down, deck chairs being pushed back into place, huge lawn umbrellas being reassembled and pools being gazed at longingly.


Goldenrod said...

Yeah, and pretty soon you'll have some pretty colors to replace all that brown, particularly with all the rain you've been having. We FInally got perhaps a couple of inches of that wet stuff yesterday and today. It's been raining, but not hard, for several days. And boy, did we need it! (As did the rest of most of Texas.)

steven said...

those big puddles/ ponds are mostly meltwater from the snow and ice. we've had some rain recently and the ground which is still frozen about thirty centimetres down isn't soaking up the extra water so we have lots of surface water. it should dry up this week though as we are having daytime temps above zero and no big rains forecast. yep, it'll be crocuses and green grass soon enough - no not soon enough!!!