Tuesday, March 31, 2009

andy gilmore's mesmerizing designs

visitors to the golden fish know that i am fascinated by colour and light. when i was finishing high school i came across the work of the pop and op artists. their use of colour and light to suggest movement and form was a source of amazement to me then and when i look at their work now i am still drawn to it.

vasarely . . .


and bridget riley . . .

(cataract), were among my favourite artists.

it was like stepping forward and backward in time (at the same time) when i came across andy gilmore's work. andy's art has clear references back to both of the artists i mentioned above but he has an edge to his work that suggests pixels have had a huge impact on his design aesthetic. some of his images make me think of deep space shots that have been enlarged until all that remains are red, yellow and orange pixels and in the caption it might read "a distant star formed one hundred million years after the big bang".

andy maintains a fascinating blog that is comprised primarily of sketches but what sketches!!! he also has a blog that reveals the incredible extent of his work and man is this guy prolific or what?!!!

here are a few of my favourite works by andy . . .

andy sells very lovely work over on his etsy site as well as over on vetika.

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