Wednesday, March 25, 2009

fennesz - inside the world arriving

conjuring sounds from his apple and guitar. christian fennesz. (image courtesy klaus muempfer)

the world that needs to be here has poked its head in the door. the media has been advertising its imminent arrival for some time now. the financial system that has driven the west and then the rest is woefully out-of-date and so has opened itself to abuse through lack of care. transportation, manufacturing, and energy systems no longer match the needs we and our planet have. much of our culture is directed towards a purpose far removed from its actual intention - making money instead of welcoming the creative energies that pass through this world without condition.

if you read this and assume that i am sad about any of this then let me assure you - i am actually very pleased! to be present as the bridge between these entirely disparate worlds is built is a magical and wonderful experience. to know that there are possibilities rather than inevitabilities is gratifying and energizing. what is sad is the human price that has been exacted by avaricious individuals at all levels of commerce.

dissonance and consonance. change. reconciliation. describing the future in the current moment.

music often tells the story of these changes - before they come about.

one such musician is christian fennesz . fennesz has been a favourite of mine as a progenitor of glitch and abstract music. what's unique about fennesz' music is that it drifts in and out of consonance and dissonance without leaving the listener feeling like they've paid a visit to both poles. rather, his music is a melding of the two extremes.


McClintic said...

hey ! during his next tour, he will also perform a live set available worldwide ! right here :

steven said...

hey mcclintic thanks a lot for that heads-up! i've bookmarked the link. visitors can go right here . . . .

5 euros and you get to watch and listen to one of the world's truly great cutting edge musicians live and in colour!!!