Saturday, March 21, 2009

how buildings learn

as a long time admirer of stewart brand's thinking, i find myself drawn to his work regardless of its chronological point of origin. why is this? i think because he speaks about timeless truths that address the intrinsic flaws in the time-based experiencing of people.

this video is part one of a six-part series bravely and presciently released by the bbc and based on stewart's 1994 book "how buildings learn: what happens after they’re built", an illustrated book on the evolution of buildings and how buildings adapt to changing requirements over long periods. if you love architecture and innovative thinking as i do then you'll love this video set..

part two.

part three.

part four.

part five.

part six.


Sid Smith said...

I have the book but I've never seen the programme. Cheers for the heads-up Steven

steven said...

hey sid! it's a really good way to put away a handful of hours - watching something intelligent that actually leaves you smarter than when you started!