Monday, March 9, 2009

sid smith's podcasts from the yellow room iv and v!!!

hey golden fish readers, i fell behind on the wonderful series of podcasts that sid the smith is crafting up on the northeast coast of england. lots of listening for you this week then so get yourself a cuppa, slip your headphones on your melon and settle back!

first up is sid's podcast iv. now this one is interesting to me because it contains a couple of pieces by musician andrew keeling whose work would have remained unknown to me but for his inclusion in the stable of artists assembled many years back when robert fripp put together the early incarnation of what is now his incredible web presence over at dgm live.

here's what andrew has to say about himself:
"i began to think that the musical and psychological pursuits of the first half of my life were insufficient to sustain into the second half of life. composing presented itself as a solution to this dilemma." he had previously been a cathedral chorister, played as a multi-instrumentalist in various rock bands, and performed as a flute recitalist. meeting such composers as sir john tavener, john casken, nicola lefanu, anthony gilbert and howard skempton, and the result of embarking on a jungian analysis in 1987, paved the way for his subsequent creative activities."

the musical results of andrew's work are challenging and beautiful. here's an example of a short guitar piece andrew has shared:

here's podcast iv in all its splendour!!

sid's fifth podcast has all sorts of musical gems including a lovely piece by jacob herringman, a teary piece from matt seattle, a mesmerizing song by no-man, and some intriguing work from golden fish fan favourite marcus reuter who in this piece is teamed up with electronic music maker ian boddy.

so, here's podcast v in all its glory!!

thanks for the great music sid!!!

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