Friday, March 6, 2009

amanda van gils

amanda van gils' paintings through a train window will capture the fancy and rekindle many fond memories of those golden fish visitors who recall such scenes on train journeys through europe or even across north america. i was instantly captivated by her ability to capture that really fine line between revealing the scene and the blurring of that scene as a camera sees it (or as you see it if you look directly outwards).

these are faves i saw on her blog and which believe it or not - you can buy!!!

train window riviera:

study for 17:

study for very fast:

train window spain:

for more information as well as an opportunity to look at and purchase a number of amanda's fine work please visit her redbubble site


Amanda van Gils said...

Hello Steven, What a lovely surprise to stumble across your blog and to find that I have been included on it.

Thank you so much for your kind words. I am now off to enjoy reading through more of your blog.

steven said...

hello amanda, thanks for dropping by! i love your work and was really glad to share it here. the book publishing on blurb is extremely cool! of course i'm glad for you that you have published a book of your work. i'll be letting my readers know about that asap!
if you have time to cruise around blogs, you might also like to visit my other blog entitled "flow". it is much more "meditative" and works from the inside out where the golden fish blog works from the outside in. i'm hoping the the two shall meet and blend sometime in the near future!
thanks for visiting amanda.

The Monash Street Project said...

Thanks for writing about Amanda's work Steven - I have been a big fan of hers for a long time - I love her 'views from a speeding train' paintings and it was great to see her featured here. Thanks!

steven said...

hi victoria! thankyou for visiting and for sharing your enthusiasm for amanda's work. i just wrote a more detailed piece about her for my april 12th entry. as a result i came across her tight rope series and the paintings of swimmers in the air. wow! i hope you can visit here again. steven