Saturday, March 28, 2009

north star

when robert fripp released "exposure" back in 1979 it was immediately one of my favourite albums with its incorporation of seemingly every extant musical style available to the contemporary musician into a journal-type format walking the listener through a day - or a very long moment.

one of the many songs that has lasting quality from exposure is entitled "north star". penned by joanna walton, daryl hall, and robert fripp.

here is the song in one of its original incarnations:

and here is the song in its current incarnation as rendered by daryl and his own gathering of musicians. to give it a listen start with this link to daryl's house and then have a look at the set list to the right of the page. click on "north star" and listen to daryl as he reprises a song that is absolutely timeless and beautifully played and sung.


Loren said...

I'm convinced. I orderd two of his albums from Amazon, and I think they're double albums.

Not sure how I missed him, especially since he seemed to collaborate with Brian Eno, a favorite of mine for awhile early in his career.

steven said...

hi loren. thanks for dropping by! the music that has stayed with me the longest of fripp's is his soundscapes. if you are interested in learning more about what he does and what he thinks and what he sounds like then drop by "dgm" which is linked in my sidebar right under the link to your own site!!!