Tuesday, May 15, 2012


i know
this shadow is water
this ripple is rock
this whisper is wind
this petal a word
these dry stalks a beginning
these rocks
a history
this tree stump a story
this cloud a song
this thought a colour
this dream a world
this moment
a completion


Reya Mellicker said...

And now I know these things, too. Thank you.

steven said...

ha - you know all of that and some reya mellicker!!! steven

Pauline said...

and vice versa! the water is shadow, the rock a ripple, wind is a whisper, words are petals, etc. This is a truly beautiful bit of poetic inspiration, Steven!

erin said...

and in those incredible moments when we are able to recognize this!

(i like pauline's impulse to turn this upon itself.)


steven said...

pauline you tore this apart and brought it to it's rightful place. i thankyou!!!! steven

steven said...

erin - i like where pauline went with this also . . . it feels good to see the mirror looking back!!! steven

Kay said...

wonderful, wonderful words..esp like 'this thought a colour'
my thoughts today seem kind of muted pastels..:)