Thursday, May 31, 2012

the breath of all persisting stars

 and when
              i have offered up each fragrant
              night,when all my days
              shall have before a certain

              face become

                      from the ashes
              thou wilt rise and thou
              wilt come to her and brush

              the mischief from her eyes and fold
              mouth the new
              flower with

              thy unimaginable
              wings,where dwells the breath
              of all persisting stars

ee cummings 
(excerpted from "a king atop his throne"


Linda Sue said...

Oh...just yummy!

Linda Sue said...

OMG! Could the word verifiers be any more ridiculous- it just showed me a blurry photo of something that sort of resembled a kind of lock thing? Had to do the round about arrow three times before I could see something that I could recognize- monkeys must be running blogger now...glad some one is employed...

steven said...

mmmmm edible and digestible and processible linda sue . . . unlike the bogus pile o' crap word verifiers which are frustrating and get in the way of a good time and it ain't my place to apologize buuuuut . . . i'm sorry . . . . steven