Thursday, May 24, 2012

falling to earth

in the descent
so much settles
against my falling body

i hold my breath
and close my eyes

if only 
to manage
the download
the deluge
of late arrivals
pressing against my skin

they - each
the very little
but pertinent questions

the "why are we's"
and "who am i's"
that tell of where they have emerged from
and then more of
where they must go

and i -
the descending angel
crossing back
wordless and evanescent
into this entirely
bound space

wish their constrictions
into hope and purpose

it is all
and the least
i can do


Valerianna said...

I loved reading this while listening to the music.... a whole different "tone" than when I read it without. How one thing deepens the other is magical...

Pauline said...

at first reading I thought you were describing a fall from your bike. at second reading I'm not so sure