Saturday, May 5, 2012

sun and water and swamp

with the sky
so blue
and the sun so pure and warm
i simply had to wander
into the swamp

and of course
it's no surprise that
the sky and the water
like all lovers
reflect and transmute
each other
into something more
and else


Pauline said...

Between your words and those photos, I'm floating on bliss

Valerianna said...

Do you think the water and the land have a rivalry for the love of the sky, or are they all content with polyamory?

R. Burnett Baker said...

Reflections are another dimension. Except when I see my own! :)

ellen abbott said...

you always have the best header photographs. love this.

Ruth said...

I like to think that there are truths of us we can't see, that take another to see. I remember reading once what someone said, that when eight pallbearers carry the coffin of one man, they are really burying eight different men.

Valerianna said...

Ruth's comment is something to ruminate on.... I get that.

steven said...

wow pauline that's so sweet for you! steven

steven said...

valerianna - i think there are not terms or conditions!!! i think there's love that connects everything and that that love exists without condition! steven

steven said...

rick - i ignore my own physical reflection as well . . . it's of no interest or value to me . . . steven

steven said...

ellen thankyou . . . i've seriously considered simply on the basis of your comments over the years that i could turn this into the golden fish header show!!! steven

steven said...

ruth i've learned a lot by stepping away from myself and then also i've learned a lot by listening and accepting the perspectives of others . . . .steven

steven said...

valerianna - ruth's a wise and insightful person as are so many of the people who so generously make this place a piece of their day and then even more extraordinarily, write about their experience .... steven