Monday, May 9, 2011

the orange thief

john dawson watson the orange thief

i saw a small girl make her way from under the twisted arms of an orange tree.
at first, she didn’t notice me, as her eyes were entirely focussed upon the orange
which she cupped in her hands.

when she lifted her head to look around, her face opened like a pale moon.

looking into her eyes which spread around me like spilled ink,
i bent and swayed like a bed of reeds with each motion of the current of her.

the air briefly stilled. no bird sang. no insect hummed. no living creature moved.
everyone and everything slept, and yet even in sleep the air began to flutter with expectation.

i felt myself drifting like a tiny breeze, hovering towards her along the flowing ink of her gaze.
when in a voice filled with the softness of twilight, she laughed and turned away.
i felt compelled to follow.


Elisabeth said...

The magic of an orange and one little girl. Lovely words, Steven.

Here in Australia we tend to take oranges for granted, though I gather they were once and perhaps in other parts of the world are still considered a luxury.

Radcliffe said...

This is lovely - a very evocative portrayal in words of a stunning painting. I had not seen this painting or heard of this artist before, but you sum the painting up beautifully.

Ruth said...

The mystery in your lines complements this painting as sweetly as her blue frockcoat complements the orange.

steven said...

elisabeth it's one of the strange quirks of my nature that i find fruit magical. it seems so unlikely that it exists and is so good but there it is! steven

steven said...

hello radcliffe! thankyou. i too was stunned by the painting . . . it is filled with stories and i don't feel that the one i wrote here really does it justice, but i'm really just learning to write and so it's a step. thanks for your kind comment. steven

steven said...

ruth this painting took me into a parallel world when i thought about it and there was a much larger story emerged which i didn't want to plant here in its entirety. a mysterious and strange world - recognizable but not ours. steven

ellen abbott said...

sweet little vignette.

Reya Mellicker said...

Everything about this is fluid and flowing. Wow.

Jo said...

I recognize that expression so well...I see it on the faces of my grandchildren when we peel and share an orange each afternoon.

What makes the organge such a magical fruit?

Thank you for the image and the story, Steven...I will share both with my grandchildren (along with the orange) this afternoon. ♥

Jo said...

OOPS! I keep forgetting to tell you how magificent the new banner is. Stunningly beautiful!

Friko said...

Sorry, but I feel absolutely compelled to spoil the mood and say : I hope nobody saw you following her, you know what they say about chaps following little girls.

Sorry again, Steven. I know, I know.

All the same, it's a lovely little tale.

steven said...

yeah ellen. steven

OceanoAzul.Sonhos said...

steven, poetry wrapped in simplicity. Very good!

Pauline said...

I think if you had not followed, we would not be reading... this is pure color and sound