Saturday, May 7, 2011


william henry margetson the amulet

for that beauty of the heart is the lasting beauty: its lips give to drink of the water of life.
truly it is both the water and the giver of drink and the drunken: all three become one
when your talisman is shattered.
that oneness you cannot know by reasoning.

excerpted from mathnawi, book II: 716-718


Jo said...

Oh, yeah...


steven said...

hi jo! this one ties in with reya's piece about overthinking. it's hard to avoid because it's the way we've made ourselves but there are times when the murk of it all makes the window of our experiencing so hard to see out of. steven

Dejemonos sorprender said...

Steven! thanks for your words :).. wish you a beautiful weekend )..

steven said...

hey matias thankyou very much!! steven

Lena said...

Wow! What fine words. Oneness indeed.

steven said...

lena rumi gets lots of air these days - who knows how many times his words have been released to dance on the minds of those intended to read or hear them. i'm glad you enjoyed them. steven

OceanoAzul.Sonhos said...

Rumi's words to think.
The lips should keep the purification and the beauty of the heart.

steven said...

that's very nicely expressed oa.s

Rachel Fenton said...

"the murk of it all makes the window of our experiencing so hard to see out of"

I love this!

Liza Ursu said...

I am sitting here, suddenly struck with emotion as I read these words, and gaze at that wonderful painting, and all I can muster up at the moment is,
holy cow!
thank you steven.