Wednesday, May 11, 2011


piet mondrian river view with a boat

listening to my wistful writings
(i read these posts out loud to see how they might feel
to you -
yes i try and become "you"
to know if the verity that i feel
in the moment of these word's becoming
has any substance)

what i hear are the
soft mumblings
of a man painting the words of himself
against the painterly field
of the resonant whisperings of generations
of his family before him

still searching for the seed of intuitions
that might blossom
into flowers of knowledge and understanding


Terresa said...

Steven, this poem reads, in parts, like Rilke (having read some of his writings just now). It just flows.

OceanoAzul.Sonhos said...

steven, we research constantly our inner. The melancholy feel, help us to try to understand and know what we are. Very good your poem.

steven said...

terresa i'm not at all concerned with the association!! i am trying to develop the sound of my own voice and it's slowly oh so slowly coming. i just have to stop feeling like others and feel entirely like myself. steven

steven said...

oa.s, yes it's one route in. steven

Pauline said...

painting the threads of yourself - and with such glorious word colors!

steven said...

pauline - i have a long journey (i hope) of exploring the possibilities of writing and it's my hope that one day i'll wake up and know that the words have written themselves and that i am visible only to myself inside the painting of those words. steven

Tess Kincaid said...

Your soft threads are so very comforting.

steven said...

i move softer and softer as i get older. the edges i confront are like burrs and i run from them. steven

hope said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that "reading" thing. :) One of my senior citizens came into my office the other day and asked if I was talking to myself...I told her, "No, I'm just seeing if this sounds right."

I'm guessing you understand better than she did.

Rachel Fenton said...

"resonant whisperings" has a lovely sound.

Jo said...

I don't know where you are searching, Steven, but those around you see knowledge and understanding cascading around you as the blossoming white jasmine drapes off the branch.

There is great verity in every thought you share with us.

steven said...

hope - i sure do undersatnd. i find that as i get olde ri talk to myself more and more. i'm less concerned with what people around me think about it although as a courtesy, i do tell people why i'm doing it if i think they;re paying a lot of attention to my mumbling!!! steven

steven said...

rachel i feel the resonant whisperings of my family before me - even those who id don't really know. they all thought and did and wished and i can't help but wonder where the threads of those thoughts and wishes went. steven

steven said...

jo i don't know where i'm searching either although i do think that the cause for my search will come to the forefront at some point and that it will make the details of my work that much clearer! thankyou for your kind and generous thoughts. steven