Friday, May 20, 2011

faze wave

the search
is a metaphor
that begins with the need
to find
the otherness
of yourself
in someone else

past opposing
then entwining
fingers of touch
extending hands
across the breaking water of birth
then singing
through the litanies
of compression
and swimming as one
with the storm-surge
of repression
in the singularity
that the comfort of familiarity brings
each moment dances
across the screen
of the one big
unfolding moment
and in the kindness of the revelation
that is part and parcel
of letting go
you see past the steamy remnants
of a morning shower
and notice
your face in the mirror
is of interest to you
but objectively so
a place of curious investigation
not defined by its alignment
with the constituents of surface beauty
but entirely with those features
that suggest
you are other than yourself

and the search becomes more unreasonable
and demanding
and then entirely real

crank 'er up ladies and gentlemen - this is music to dance with!

the cave singers faze wave


Ruth said...

Love it, Steven, the interchange of humanness that includes comfort as well as letting go. The phrase "kindness of the revelation" is a wonderful sense of it. Perfect.

Tess Kincaid said...

"...the need to find the otherness of yourself in someone else" This is what our connecting is all about. Your thoughts are expressed so beautifully here. x

aguja said...

What a treat to return home to this amazing post. Your words are perfectly chosen to lead us along the path of your poem. Fantastic!

The music ... great beat! I could paly my bodhran along to it!

ellen abbott said...

I was so delighted with the picture in your header that I couldn't read the words. forsythia, right?

Jo said...

...and then utterly, absolutely, authentically you.

Oh yeah.

hope said...

I love how certain lines appear like outstretched arms, beckoning you closer.

The new header is wonderful, by the way. Makes me want to string those flowers together to make a lei. :)

Linda Sue said...

Wow, don't you just scare yourself sometimes? "The need to find" familiarity, really stikes a chord- I think that sometimes i have found it, I try to slip into it and realize that it may look familiar but it is a size 3 and I wear a size 10. I so want that thing, that comfort , but it's never in my size.Your advice to me would likely be- to quit shopping (trying) and be satisfied with that steamy spook in the mirror.

Friko said...

The words are for me, the music isn't entirely.
the words are music all by themselves.

Titus said...

Beautifully expressed steven, and yay! for dancing.

steven said...

thankyou ruth. there are some very long arcs of life as i've known it so far that i'm trying to unpack. i appreciate and value your support. steven

steven said...

tess - yes. it's a beginning. i used to make the mistake of looking for the sameness of myself in others. well, it wasn;t a mistake, it was all i knew. steven

steven said...

aguja - i love the bodhran - and you play one. yes it would sound awesome next to this tune. steven

steven said...

ellen - forsythia - right! steven

steven said...

jo - utterly, absolutely, authentically you! yes. steven

steven said...

hope, the little mouths on the forsythia petals are prime for stringing together. i'm glad the words held together equally well! steven

steven said...

linda sue - you know what scares me - fear. really it does. it's there so often and i try so hard to not let it guide me or direct me but it does some of the time and i wish it didn't. my advice to you? be you - you're a gift, really you are!!! steven

steven said...

frio thankyou for your kind words. the music won't be for very many of the people who visit here but it is what it is and i wanted it to be alongside these words. steven

steven said...

titus i know that sometimes it's just really good and important and a real act of kindness to dance. steven

Rachel Fenton said...

From the forsythia down
it's a treat.

OceanoAzul.Sonhos said...

Good complementarity between your poem and this song. I love it!