Sunday, October 10, 2010

was there ever

everything in silence
the deepest place

like pages of a book
in the warm wind

a place of hushed golden stars
like faces
like hands


Reya Mellicker said...

The leaves DO look like stars, like faces and hands. Wow. You see so much, Steven. And then you explain what you see so beautifully.

You are far ahead of us in the season. I look forward to golds and reds. Thanks for the preview!

ellen abbott said...

beautiful golden leaves.

Kay said...

gorgeous golden leaves....its unseasonally warm here and the leaves are only just starting to turn colour...apart from the sumac tree which is ablaze like the burning bush....xx

steven said...

reya - hang on tight for the colours then because they are truly amazing and vivid and even though there's so much every where you look it's like being in a pastry shop - you can't stop looking and looking!!! the golden fish blog will drive people away with it's golden-ness in the next little while i'm sure!!! steven

steven said...

ellen - they're so golden!!! the reds are almost gone. the oranges are gone. the golds win again!! steven

The Weaver of Grass said...

Exquisite steven.

Friko said...

The thought that it'll all be over soon is unbearable. Perhaps the brevity of the season makes ti all the more magnificent.

Golden West said...

They are so like stars, Steven. Lovely!